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This is a Nature and Inquiry and Boston Cyberarts Festival Event. Supported by a generous grant from the LEF Foundation and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Five Ideas is organized by Nita Sturiale. The Five Ideas web site is designed and created by Richard Streitmatter-Tran. Giuseppe Taibi is technology advisor. Ron Wallace is live event director. Seth Davis is stage manager. Elena Ratti is digital projections magician. Chris Hatfield is Bartos tech link. Lucy Vail is live event assistant.

The content of each idea was collected, connected and created by the artists of the Nature and Inquiry group; Donald Burgy, John Holland, Amy Robinson, Nita Sturiale and Ron Wallace.

Special thanks to George Fifield, Barbra Pine, Sabrina Zanella-Foresi, Megan Hurst, Jessica Sherman, Matt McMakin, Antony Flackett, Jennifer Fuchel and all the Boston Cyberarts Festival volunteers.

Additional thanks to those that made the web streaming of this event possible; Altoprofilo and the streaming team at MIT - Craig Malinesi, David Mycue, Robert Parnigoni, and Randy Winchester.