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Magnetic Moment

Magnetite fragments within Magnetotactic Bacteria enable these cells to orient themselves magnetically to the north and south poles. >>

Magnetic stimulation of the brain has been shown to temporarily lift the spirits of those suffering from depression. >>

A developing human embryo contains an outer layer of cells, the ectoderm, that folds in to create the neural tube. This tube develops into the spinal cord and brain. The remaining ectoderm cells continue on to become the skin, the touch organ, of the body.>>

Hans Berger was inspired to develop Electroencephalograph (EEG) technology in an effort to understand how his sister was able to see details of a serious accident he endured, as it happened, far from home. He felt she was somehow able to touch his mind. >>

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On April 27, during the live presentation of Five Ideas, Nita led the audience in an experiment exploring a magnetic moment by inviting audience members to place wireless electrodes on their frontal lobes while watching a projected image of an EEG pattern evoked by the audience during the performance.


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